Comments by the officials at The Village of Beverly Hills

MMRMA Sewer Backup Claim Reduction Program In 2014, MMRMA (the insurance company for the VBH) distributed this document to its customers regarding “Sewer Backup Resources, Information, and Claim Forms” stating “In the wake of recent heavy rainfall and flooding events, we wanted to remind MMRMA members that we have resources available for your use and benefit”.  This is a terrific resource to help municipalities like the VBH manage the sewage backup risk, prevention ideas to share with homeowners and what residents can do when a backup happens; “CLEANING UP THE MESS” AND “DISEASE PREVENTION”.  I have no evidence that this valuable information in this document was ever shared with the residents of Beverly Hills. Please take a look….you will be surprised what the VBH never told you was going to happen.


Well, the typical VBH meetings are big time snoozers, yet this one is an exception.  If you have an interest in the sewage backup situation, consider watching these segments.

11/17/2020 VBH Council Meeting My “public comments” start @4:25. @1:20:58 the dialogue starts between Mr. Wilson and Mr. Mooney, whereby Mr. Mooney makes a disrespectful comment to Mr. Wilson regarding his physical diversity. I think we all know the underlying meaning of Mr. Mooney’s quip. I don’t know of any professional organization that would tolerate this demeaning behavior in the workplace. Mr. Wilson laughs it off yet I can’t imagine that he was not in some way hurt by the comment.

@1:21:57 Here the discussion gets interesting with some fireworks. Mr. Ryan calls the sewage backing up into 250-300 homes in VBH a “people’s inconvenience” and he refers to me as trying to find a “scapegoat” when my voice over the months have clearly stated “prevention, prevention, prevention”.

Talk about a “bully pulpit”.


Hi folks affected by the Cities & Villages of Oakland County and Oakland County WRC using our basements as sewage retention ponds.

I just got a note from Mr. Jim Duffy at MMRMA; they have declined the claims in VBH and this will certainly cascade to Royal Oak and Southfield. B-ham also has denied all claims. We all knew it was a longshot to get a settlement without a suit but we tried our best. 

Here is Jim’s contact information for questions.

Mr. Jim Duffy

Senior Claims Adjuster, MMRMA


The VBH was also tied to this claim denial, even though they say they are not.  The VBH is self insured and MMRMA is an administrative arm of dealing with these types of municipal liabilities. And for the VBH to say they have nothing to do with this decision is not truthful. To discuss this with the VBH manager, please call Chris WIlson with questions.

Mr. Chris Wilson


If you have not signed up for the civil suit with the Law Offices of Dean Yeotis, please consider doing so. You can sign up at the SCHITTSFOUNDATION.COM, email/call me directly or call/email Dean’s assistant directly:, 810-767-6100. There is zero cost to join the suit and no out of pocket money is needed; Dean’s firm would only be paid if he wins and his fees would come from any settlement or judgement. Please call Dean with any questions. I believe this civil suit is our next best option to get reimbursed.

BEVERLY HILLS FOLKS: Tonight, Tuesday December 1, there is another VBH Council Meeting via Zoom at 7:30PM. If you watched the last one, they are beginning to lose their cool and are now making things personal with their cavalier comments and calling this sewage backup “a public inconvenience”. Really? Is sewage backing up into 250+ homes generating an extra ~240,000 pounds of trash just an inconvenience?

Please consider speaking about this injustice. For the 4th straight Council meeting, the sewage backups into 250+ homes is again, NOT EVEN ON THE AGENDA OR IN THE VILLAGE MANAGER’S REPORT. I can’t even comprehend the audacity of our public officials keeping their heads in the sand after hundreds of homes were flooded with raw sewage and not even offering any assistance to residents regarding the health and human safety facts about having raw sewage in your home. There has not been one iota of critical thinking about the problem nor any stewardship of prevention with future backups (yep, and those backups that will be coming).

To participate via Zoom, please click this link: or enter Meeting ID: 850 7304 4044 on the Zoom app.

I know I am not giving up and will continue to march forward for justice.  We have some very promising developments on getting some “high level” of press…….that is coming together soon.

Please call or email with any questions,

Ken Flaherty

17166 Beechwood Ave

Beverly Hills



“Even though you may not have The Schitts right now, there is a very good chance you will have them in the future.”